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9 Of The Very Best Boat Trips In The Algarve, Portugal

If you’re looking for the best boat trips in the Algarve you have come to the right place! 

The Algarve is one of the hottest summer destinations in Portugal, whether you’re heading there to relax on the beach, go hiking or enjoy some traditional Portuguese food there is so much to do on this stunning part of the Portuguese coast. 

Personally, I believe that no trip to the Algarve in Portugal is complete without heading out on a boat trip along its impressive coastline. 

Whether you want to spot dolphins, see some of Portugal’s most unique rock formations, head out kayaking or even go on a cheeky booze cruise there is sure to be a boat trip in the Algarve to suit your needs. 

As someone who frequents the Algarve regularly, I have tried and tested a lot of the best boat trips around so I feel confident that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the best boat trips in the Algarve. 

With so many choices, the Algarve guarantees an epic time on the water for everyone

Don’t pass up the chance to explore this coastal paradise from the deck of a boat!

So what are the best boat trips in the Algarve? 

Read on below to find out! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a verified purchase through the links in this post I will earn a small commission. This will be at no extra cost to you. Thank you 🙂

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Best Boat Trips in Faro, The Algarve

Ria Formosa Faro Islands Catamaran Tour

💰Price from: £34 ($43)
⭐Star Rating: 4.7/5
🎟️Book here

For me, one of the best boat trips in the Algarve has to be this Rio Formosa catamaran tour in Faro. 

Rio Formosa is a beautiful national park in the Algarve and is one of the 7 national wonders of Portugal where you also have the chance to see some local flamingos. 

In addition to this, you will also get the chance to explore the beautiful Farol and Deserta Islands which are home to secluded beaches and sand dunes. 

Unfortunately, this tour does not provide lunch, however, there are a few restaurants to choose from on Farol Island. 

If by chance this tour is sold out on the preferred date of booking you have two just as good options to choose from below which are also at similar price points: 

  • Deserta Island and Farol Island Catamaran Boat Trip
    • Price from: £30 ($38)
    • Rating: 4.6/5
    • Book here 
  • 4 Stops, 3 Islands in Ria Formosa Catamaran Tour
    • Price from £35 ($43) 
    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Book here 

Dolphin and Wildlife Watching in the Atlantic Ocean

💰Price from: £56 ($70) 
⭐Star Rating: 4.8/5
🎟️Book here

This Faro dolphin and wildlife watching tour takes you through Rio Formosa on route to the Atlantic Ocean in search of dolphins and other marine creatures such a porpoises. 

And, if you’re especially lucky you could even see whales.

Your guides will both be certified Marine biologists, and you’ll be able to ask lots of questions about local marine life in the area. 

I have seen dolphins on almost every boat trip I have been on in the Algarve so you really do have a pretty good chance of seeing them (although this is nature and nothing is guaranteed). 

Best Boat Trips in Lagos, The Algarve

Algarve Golden Coast Cruise

💰Price from: £40 ($50)
⭐Star Rating: 4.7/5
🎟️Book here

One of the best boat trips in the Algarve has to be this Catamaran cruise from Lagos

This is one of the best boat trips I have been on, and if there is one boat trip I recommend most from this whole list, it’s this one. 

On this trip, you’ll have 4 hours of fun. 

You’ll be able to take in the amazing beaches and rock formations along the stunning western Algarve coast. 

This includes cruising towards Ponta da Piedade’s breathtaking cliffs and caves and the volcanic scenery of Praia da Luz. 

If you’re lucky you’ll also be able to spot dolphins as you cruise along the coast. 

You’ll also get to dive, paddleboard and snorkel in a hidden bay. Or if you prefer you can relax on the sunbathing net and soak up the sun. 

With this tour you get lunch and 1 free drink included. There is also a bar on board where you can treat yourself to € 6 mojitos if you need any more drinks. 

This same company also runs a very similar tour that’s slightly cheaper tour.

This is because it’s only 3 hours long and no food or drinks are included in the price.

Kayaking and Boat Cave Explorer Tour

💰Price from: £29 ($37)
⭐Star Rating: 4.8/5
🎟️Book here

If you prefer boat trips that involve a little more adventure then this Lagos Kayak tour is a great option.

On this trip, you will Embark on a guided kayak tour to explore the breathtaking and very famous Ponta da Piedade. 

This is a 2-hour excursion along the Algarve Coast.

You’ll get to delve into the region’s unique cliffs and caves on a 1-hour Kayaking session. 

After your kayaking experience, you’ll be able to enjoy a small break for swimming and relaxing before heading back to Lagos. 

This is one of the best boat trips in the Algarve for those who love a bit of adventure. 

If this tour happens to be sold out on your preferred day there is this alternative tour that has the same itinerary and a similar price point. 

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Dolphin Watching & Benagil Tour w/ Marine Biologist

💰Price from £44 ($55)
⭐Star rating: 4.7/5
🎟️Book here

This dolphin-watching tour also incorporates a trip to Portugal’s famous Benagil caves so you can kill two birds with one stone (for want of a better phrase). 

On this tour, you will set off from Lagos marina in search of six different types of wild dolphins in their Algarvian home. 

The boat crew is made up of Marine Biologists so you’re in the best hands when it comes to looking out for dolphins and any dolphin-related questions you may have. 

After you’ve (hopefully) seen some dolphins you’ll head over to the beautiful Benagil Caves and cruise past the stunning coastline en route back to Lagos.

Benagil Caves Speedboat Adventure

💰Price from: £31 ($39)
⭐Star rating: 4.7/5
🎟️Book here

Just want to see the Benagil Caves? 

Hop on this short and sweet 2-hour speed boat tour to cruise through the caves and marvel at the stunning red and yellow cliffs. 

This is one of the top-rated boat tours in Lagos so definitely worth the trip.

Best Boat Trips in Albuferia, The Algarve

Sunset Cruise and Beach BBQ with Open Bar

💰Price from: £58 ($73)
⭐Star rating: 4.6/5
🎟️Book here

For one of the best sunset boat trips in the Algarve, this Sunset and BBQ boat trip from Albufeira is a great choice.

You’ll Set sail from Albufeira for a late afternoon cruise to witness a very breathtaking sunset over Armação de Pêra Bay. 

Onboard you can enjoy live music and an open bar and You’ll also get to enjoy a mouthwatering BBQ meal on a secluded beach.

Benagil Caves & Dolphin Watching Speed Boat Tour

💰Price from: £29 ($3)
⭐Star rating: 4.6/5
🎟️Book here

On this trip, you’ll get to speed along the Algarve coast and head towards the famous Benagil Caves.

You’ll be able to marvel at  São Rafael and Marinha beaches and their iconic cliffs and golden sand.

You’ll then be able to stop off and take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters.

Also not forgetting to keep an eye out for some friendly Portuguese dolphins along the way. 

This is one of the most popular boat trips in the Algarve and the reviews speak for themselves. 

​​If by chance this tour is sold out on the preferred date of booking you have another great option to choose from which has the same itinerary and a similar price point.

Best Boat Trips in Sagres, The Algarve

Wildlife Tour Dolphins and Caves

💰Price from: £51 ($64)
⭐Star rating: 5/5
🎟️Book here

If you’re looking to do something completely different in Sagres then this brand-new Dolphin and Caves tour is a great option. 

You will be able to get up close and personal (in a respectful way) with wildlife such as Dolphins, sea birds, and if you’re lucky, whales! 

On top of that, you’ll also get the chance to explore caves and secret beaches that are only accessible by boat. 

And if that’s not enough to convince you, you’ll also get the chance to see parts of the land that date back to prehistoric times.

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In conclusion

As you can see, there are a whole host of boat trips to choose from based on what you like. 

Whether you want to hang out with dolphins, check out Portugal’s cool rocks, or just chill with a sunset and endless wine and beer, there’s something for everyone.

As I mentioned earlier in this post my two favourite trips have to be this Rio Formosa catamaran tour and this Algarve Golden Coast cruise.

Happy Boat Tripping 

I hope this post has helped you pick one of the best boat trips in the Algarve. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

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