17 Of The Very Best Restaurants In Ericeira, Portugal

For a small surf town located in east Portugal, the food and drink scene in Ericeira certainly packs a punch. There are so many amazing restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal.

From traditional Portuguese dishes like Bacalhau and grilled octopus to international delights like Italian pizzas and Israeli meze, Ericeira is a town that has it all when it comes to the food scene.

I’m no expert food critic, but I certainly am a big foodie.

I spent most of my 3 weeks in Ericeira trying out all of the coolest food spots it has to offer so that I could write this well-researched blog for you all (yes, eating is “research” in the travel blogging world 😂)

After my extensive taste testing and “research”, I can promise you that I uncovered some of the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal.

Yes, my clothes were A LOT tighter after leaving Ericeira but my soul was happy! And, you know what they say, “Good food is good for the soul”.

So, what are the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal? Read on below to find out!

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🥘Cuisine: International
💰Budget: $-$$
Opening Times: 9am-11pm

Balagan in my eyes, is THE best restaurant in Ericeira, Portugal. I think I went there 15 days out of my 21 days in Ericeira (don’t judge me).

Not only is it in the best location, overlooking Praia Do Sul but Balagan gets it right every time, whether you are there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Balagan has an international menu that caters to all tastes including vegetarians and vegans. I highly recommend trying the “Grand Balagan Meze” and the “Warm Octopus”. 

All of the food at Balagan is incredible, but to my honest, my favourite thing to do at Balagan was to order an oat milk latte and Pastel De Nata, whilst reading my Kindle overlooking the ocean.

This formed some of my fondest memories of Ericeira.

Nalu Bowls Ericeira

🥘Cuisine: Health Food (Açai bowls)
💰Budget: $-$$
Opening Times: 10:30am-7pm

Originating in Indonesia in places like Jakarta and of course, Bali, Nalu Bowls has found itself on the Portuguese shores of Ericeira and is a firm favourite with the tourists.

Grab yourself a nice fresh (and aesthetically pleasing)  smoothie bowl filled with sweet strawberries and deliciously ripe bananas and lots more healthy ingredients.

Dear Rose Cafe

🥘Cuisine: Western Brunch/Bakery
💰Budget: $
Opening Times: 10:30am-4:30pm (Wednesday -Sunday)

If you’re after cute cafe aesthetics and delicious coffee then Dear Rose Cafe is the best restaurant in Ericeira, Portugal to visit.

As well as good coffee you can also find yummy bites to eat such as bagels, smoothie bowls, chia puddings and shakshuka.

The only downside to Dear Rose Cafe is that it’s only open from Wednesday- Sunday. 

If you do make a visit to Dear Rose Cafe then make sure to get here early, it’s fairly small and very popular so it can be difficult to get a seat.

Green is Good

🥘Cuisine: Western Brunch
💰Budget: $-$$
Opening Times: 10am-4pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

Green is Good is yet another fantastic brunch option to be found in Ericeira.

Here you can find brunch classics like eggs Benedict, avocado toast and mushrooms with halloumi.

Green is Good is a very popular spot, so try and get there early, or book a table to ensure you get to try their tasty food.


🥘Cuisine: Portuguese
💰Budget: $-$$
Opening Times: 12pm-10:30pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

Caniço is one of the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal for traditional Portuguese seafood.

From Bacalhau (Portuguese salt cod) to grilled octopus and prawns served up with fresh salad and potatoes,  plus so much more, you definitely won’t be leaving Caniço hungry.

Although, If you don’t like olive oil or garlic then it’s probably best to give this restaurant a miss. They certainly don’t shy away from using these two ingredients

Indigo Ericeira

🥘Cuisine: International
💰Budget: $$
Opening Times: 12:30pm 8:30pm

You can find Indigo Ericeira located on the stunning Praia de Foz do Lizandro beach.

Indigo serve up an international menu that includes dishes like tacos, steaks, Nasi Goreng and lots more.

My favourite dish here had to be the tuna poke bowl. It’s one of the best poke bowls I’ve had in a very long time and you could tell that all of the ingredients were super fresh!

Bowls Surf Cafe

🥘Cuisine: Health Food (Poke/Açai bowls)
💰Budget: $-$$
Opening Times: 11am-8pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

Bowls Surf Cafe is a build-your-own poke and Açai bowl bar and it’s the ideal spot for a grab-and-go lunch. Bowls start from €8.90. 

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth you can also pick up some yoghurt bowls, waffles, brownies, smoothies and of course the all-important coffee.

Com Pinta

🥘Cuisine: Italian
💰Budget: $-$$
Opening Times: 12pm-10:30pm

Com Pinta is hands down one of the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal for a good old-fashioned pizza.

The pizzas are made to order fresh in front of you and you can add or remove all the toppings you like.

Com Pinta is a sit-down restaurant but I would recommend grabbing a takeaway from here along with a few beers and heading down to the beach for a sunset pizza picnic.

I did this twice during my time in Ericeira and they were some of my favourite evenings.

Casa Portuguese

🥘Cuisine: Portuguese
💰Budget: $$
Opening Times: 12pm-10:30pm

So, Casa Portuguese has some mixed reviews, but I went here twice during my time in Ericeira and I thoroughly enjoyed my food on both occasions.

They specialise in traditional Portuguese seafood with a little bit of a modern twist. Make sure you add the tuna steak with sweet potato to your taste-testing bucket list. 

Sunset Bamboo

🥘Cuisine: Western Brunch
💰Budget: $-$$
Opening Times: 10am-7pm

If you’re after another tasty brunch option then make sure you head to Sunset Bamboo.

They serve up healthy smoothie bowls, fluffy pancakes and cheesy bagels.

However, if you do visit Sunset Bamboo you HAVE to try their famous toasted sandwiches which are absolutely huge (pretty sure they are the same size as my face 😂).

Thankfully you can order a half portion if you’re not up to the challenge!

Costa Frio

🥘Cuisine: Modern Portuguese
💰Budget: $$-$$$
Opening Times: 12pm-10:30pm (Wednesday-Sunday)

Costa Fria is one of the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal for a unique and modern twist on Portuguese/European food.

Here you can find tapas-style dishes filled with octopus, burrata and sardines bursting with flavour! 

This was one of my favourite dinners in Ericeira so do not skip Costa Fria.

Villa Brunch Cafe 

🥘Cuisine: Western Brunch
💰Budget: $
Opening Times: 8:30am-5pm (Thursday-Monday)

So, I wouldn’t say Villa Brunch Cafe is the best brunch restaurant in Ericeira, however, the food is good and it is a great option if you’re on a budget.

Dishes like Eggs Benedict start at just €8.00, toasties from €6.50 and coffee from just €2.00.

Mar Das Latas

🥘Cuisine: International
💰Budget: $$-$$$
Opening Times: 5pm-11pm (Monday-Saturday)

Not only is Mar Das Latas one of the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal but it has the best sunset view in town.

There are two sides to Mar Das Latas; the wine bar where you can devour scrumptious small plates like nachos, beef croquettes and chicken wings or they have the main restaurant.

In the main restaurant, you get to order delightfully unique dishes with cured corvina beans, and fresh fish from the waters of the Azores.

Avó Restaurante

🥘Cuisine: Modern Portuguese
💰Budget: $$-$$$
Opening Times: 6:30pm-10:30pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

This restaurant was inspired by the owner’s childhood.

Influenced by dishes that were cooked for the owner by his grandparents as a child, he has curated a small but mighty menu of traditional Portuguese dishes with a modern flare. 

I often love it when restaurants have small menus as it usually means by focusing their attention only on getting a small number of recipes perfected, the food will be amazing.

This was definitely the case for Avo Restaurante. Delight your tastebuds with dishes such as pork cheek, croquettes and cataplana. 

Fun Fact: Avó means grandmother/grandfather in Portuguese which makes complete sense when you think about the inspiration and backstory of this restaurant.

Taberna Lebre

🥘Cuisine: Portuguese
💰Budget: $
Opening Times: 12pm-10pm (Monday-Saturday)

Taberna Lebre is one of the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal to snap up a traditional  Portuguese Prego Roll. What is a Prego Roll I hear you ask?

It’s a Portuguese spin on a steak sandwich and is super popular amongst locals. Taberna Lebre has a full menu dedicated to different types of Prego’s, each just as tasty as the others. 

If you come to Ericeira take advantage of a visit to Taberna Lebre.

Mar a Vista

🥘Cuisine: Seafood
💰Budget: $$
Opening Times: 10am-10pm

Mar a Vista is a seafood-only restaurant, meaning no fish or meat whatsoever. It’s one of the top-rated seafood restaurants in the area and is loved by both locals and tourists. 

Portions here are huge and for seafood, the menu is very fairly priced. Treat yourself to some tasty lobster, prawns, mussels and clams.

Casa da Fernanda

🥘Cuisine: Portuguese
💰Budget: $
Opening Times: 8am-8pm (Wednesday-Monday)

I think almost every visitor who comes to Portugal has “trying a Pastel De Nata” on their bucket list.

However, Ericeira is just so special that it even has its own hallmark cake, separate from the famous Patel De Nata.

The Ericeira cake is called  “Ouriços” and is a muffin-sized portion of warm spongey vanilla-ey cakey goodness.

Casa da Fernanda is THE best restaurant in Ericeira, Portugal to buy Ouriços so DO NOT skip a trip there when visiting Ericeira.

Happy Eating

I hope you have a wonderful time eating at all of the best restaurants in Ericeira, Portugal. If you have any questions about any of the places listed in this blog then please feel free to reach out!

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