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The ULTIMATE Seychelles 7-Day Itinerary

Need help planning an AWESOME Seychelles 7-day itinerary? Read on below to find out more!

Located out in the middle of the Indian Ocean and Africa’s answer to the Maldives is the stunning Archipelago of the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is home to 115 pristine islands with hundreds of powdery white sand beaches, surrounded by a glittering turquoise ocean.

Not only that, but in the Seychelles you can also find one of the smallest capital cities in the world (Victoria) and some of the oldest land tortoises on the planet (the Aldabra Tortoise).

1 week in the Seychelles might not sound like enough time, especially if you’ve travelled far to reach this stunning destination.

Still, I can assure you that it certainly is enough time to get a small glimpse into what this magical country has to offer. 

After visiting more than 50 countries, and 100’s of beaches, I can safely say that the Seychelles has some of the most beautiful coastlines I’ve ever seen!

So, with that being said it definitely is worth the visit, even if only for a week! 

Admittedly, 1 week in the Seychelles will fly by, but if you’re short on time or can’t make your spending budget stretch for more than a week, then this Seychelles 7-day itinerary is perfect for you! 

So what’s included on a Seychelles 7-day itinerary? Keep scrolling down to find out!

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About this Seychelles 7-day Itinerary

This Seychelles 7-day Itinerary is based on the exact Itinerary I followed for my own trip to the Seychelles in August 2023.

I believe It has the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.

This is to ensure that you leave feeling like you have seen a lot of what this country has to offer, but also leave feeling that you’ve had some time to unwind. 

In short, your Seychelles 7-day Itinerary will look a little something like the below:

  • Days 1-2 – Mahé Island 
  • Days 2-4 – Praslin Island 
  • Days 4-7 – La Digue Island

Days 1-2 – Mahé Island

Landing in Mahé

Your Seychelles 7-day Itinerary will begin on the main island of Mahé.

Chances are if you are coming in on an international and long-haul flight, you will be arriving at Mahé International Airport in the morning and this is when Day 1 of your Seychelles 7-day Itinerary will start. 

Where to stay in Mahé

If you are looking for an area with lots of bar and restaurant choices and chilled beaches I would highly recommend staying in the Area of Beau Vallon.

It’s one of the slightly more touristy areas on the island but this is because there a lots more accessible amenities in this area compared to other parts of Mahé.

So, it’s a really good option if you are not planning on renting a car.

The Beau Vallon region is also a great place to stay if you are an avid snorkeller or scuba diver.

Prefer to stay away from the other tourists?

Head to the south of the island.

The south boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Mahé and is quieter than the north.

Please note, as I personally stayed in the North of the island that the Mahé portion of this Seychelles 7-day Itinerary will assume that you are also staying in the North, close to Beau Vallon.

Getting around Mahé

Rent a car

Renting a car in Mahé is one of the most convenient and cost-effective transport options. You can rent a car from the airport for as little as £45 ($57) a day.

Public Bus

The public bus system in Mahé is quite reliable with accessible routes taking you all over the island.

It’s important to know that the buses do not accept cash or cards to buy bus tickets.

Instead, you must purchase a prepaid card called the SPTC bus card ahead of time.

You can purchase the SPTC bus card in most supermarkets on the island.

The card itself is free of charge, but it will come loaded with 2 trips worth of money on the card (which is what you will be paying for).

If you are planning on doing more than 2 trips you can load on more money. 

Read more about the SPTC bus card here

Please ensure that you have cash on you just in case the reader on the bus is faulty.


Taxis in Mahé are readily available, however, they are extremely expensive (the same goes for the rest of the Seychelles too).

A 15-minute journey will set you back around £30 ($38).

I would suggest choosing to rent a car or take the bus instead.

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What to do in Mahé

Day 1
Enjoy a relaxing beach day in Beau Vallon

Once you have checked in to your accommodation it’s time for day 1 to officially start.

Head straight to Beau Vallon Beach for a relaxing day by the ocean.

There are lots of beach bars and restaurants in the area where you can head to, for some cocktails and food.

I personally recommend dining at The Boat House Restaurant as they have some scrumptious meal options and even better cocktails (try the Mango Daquiri and thank me later).

Day 2
Visit the capital city of Victoria

Did you know that the Seychelles has one of the smallest capital cities in the world?

With Victoria being super small there isn’t too much to see there, but I do personally think it’s a really cool thing to say that you have visited one of the smallest capital cities on the planet!

I would recommend exploring the local market and grabbing some coffee at one of the local cafes.

They also have a small number of museums which you can visit.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at Victoria’s most famous monument; the Victoria Clock Tower.

Our taxi driver told us that locals say it’s the Seychelles’ very own version of London’s Big Ben.

Hike to Anse Major

Regularly hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches on Mahé Island, Anse Major is definitely worth the visit if you are looking for a chilled and secluded beach. 

Once you have finished up in Victoria you can head back in the direction of Beau Vallon to a town called Bel Ombre where the hike starts (if you are travelling by public bus you can catch Route 21, and get off at the very last stop on the route). 

The hike is roughly an hour and is of easy to medium difficulty.

Once you have arrived at Anse Major you can spend the rest of your day there chilling on the beach.

There is a small beach bar that serves up beer, cocktails and food, so make sure that you bring some cash with you. 

If you don’t fancy tackling the hike back home for dinner, then you can catch a boat taxi which will take you back to Beau Vallon Beach.

This will cost you approximately  £15 ($19)

Read my full Anse Major hiking guide here

Days 2-4 – Praslin Island

Stop 2 on your Seychelles 7-day itinerary is Praslin. 

Praslin (pronounced “pra-lin”)  is the second-largest island in the Seychelles and is home to some of the best beaches in the whole country.

Praslin is not to be missed if you are heading to the Seychelles.

Getting to Praslin from Mahé

Getting to Praslin from Mahé is straightforward and you have two options to choose from.


You can easily catch a ferry from Mahé to Praslin with the Cat Cocos ferry company.

There are between 2-4 ferries a day from Mahé to Praslin and the time table can change depending on the day, so make sure to check the schedule ahead of time on the Cat Cocos Website so you can plan effectively.

I would also highly recommend buying a ticket online at least 48 hours prior to your journey.

Whilst, yes, you can buy at the counter on the day, you do risk queues and seats potentially selling out so its better to plan ahead. 

The journey between Mahé and Praslin is approximately 1hr 15m and will cost around £50 ($63).

Please note that this journey can get quite bumpy so if you suffer from sea-sickness i’d advise buying some prevention medication beforehand.


The flight from Mahé to Praslin is just 15 minutes. Flight prices range from £110-£170 ($140-$215).

Where to stay in Praslin

Praslin is a fairly small island, and easy to get around if you are renting a car, so what part of the island you decide to stay on doesn’t matter that much.

However, I would highly recommend staying in the Grand Anse area because It’s super close to all of the best things to see in Praslin.

Although, I should mention that Grand Anse isn’t the nicest beach on the island, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you plan on spending your days exploring Praslin and not relaxing at your hotel.

If you are looking for a hotel in the Grand Anse area then Bliss Hotel Praslin is a great option.

Bliss is also super close to one of the best restaurants on Praslin, Lobster Bay.

Getting around Praslin

Rent a car

Renting a car in Praslin is one of the most convenient and cost-effective transport options.

You can rent a car from the ferry port for as little as £45 ($57) a day.

Public Bus

Whilst there is a public bus service in Praslin, there are only 3 bus routes which have limited schedules. 

If you want to make the most out of your Seychelles 7-day itinerary then I would recommend renting a car on Praslin.


Much like Mahé, taxi’s are readily available on Praslin, however, they are extremely expensive. Again, I would recommend choosing to rent a car to get around the island.


➡️➡️ Avoid roaming fees, and have peace of mind that you have internet access when WiFi isn’t available.

What to do in Praslin 

Day 3
Visit Vallee De Mai

Vallee De Mai is a nature trail that is home to the famous Seychelles Coco De Mer.

The Coco De Mer seeds weigh up to 25 kilograms and have a diameter of 40 to 50 centimetres, making them the largest and heaviest in the world.

Coco De Mer is also pretty famous for its resemblance to human bottoms.

In the Vallee De Mai nature trail its not just Coco De Mer that you can find, but also lots of wildlife too! Make sure to keep an eye out for the black parrott!

Entrance to the Vallee De Mai is approximately  £25 ($32) per person.

If you would like a guided tour, additional costs apply.

Spend the day lazing at Anze Lazio Beach

After walking the Vallee De Mai nature trail, some rest and relaxation is very much well deserved and Anse Lazio is one of the best places to do this. 

Anze Lazio Beach is the top-rated beach in Praslin and one of the best in all of the Seychelles.

It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to in my whole life! 

You can spend the rest of your day 3 chilling out on Anse Lazio and admiring the views.

There are a handful of beach bars along the shore where you can pick up some freshly made cocktails and fruit platters too.

If you are feeling a little bit more peckish there is a small shop as well as a restaurant located close to the car park.

If you have more time or prefer smaller beaches, then make sure to visit Anse Georgette too!

Day 4
Book on a boat trip and see the famous Aldabra Tortoises

If you’re coming to the Seychelles it would be criminal not to go and see the famous Aldabra Tortoises (some of the oldest living creatures in the world).

The best place to see these stunning creatures in the wild is at Curieuse Island. Curieuse Island is easily accessible from Praslin buy booking on an all-day boat tour.

We booked our Curieuse Island boat trip with Geoli Charters through Get Your Guide and had the best time.

The trip included 2 snorkelling stops, island/beach hopping , a guided tour of the Curieuse Island mangroves, lots of time with the Tortoises, a freshly cooked BBQ lunch and Takamaka rum cocktails.

Meeting the Aldabra Tortoises was such an incredible experience and one not to be missed off your Seychelles 7-day itinerary.

Days 4-7 – La Digue Island

Stop 3 on your Seychelles 7-day itinerary is my personal favourite, La Digue Island.

Being one of the smaller islands in the Seychelles (5 km long and 3 km wide), La Digue is extremely chilled and laid-back and somewhere where they definitely do run on “island time”.

Getting to La Digue

You can get to La Digue from Praslin by ferry (there is no airport on La Digue). Both the Cat Cocos and Cat Rose ferry companies travel to La Digue meaning that there is a regular service to and from La Digue.

The Journey to La Digue from Praslin is only 15 minutes and costs approximately £14 ($18) per person.

Where to stay in La Digue

With La Digue being so small it doesnt really matter where you stay as you’ll never be too far from some of La Digue’s top attractions. 

What I would say is that it’s probably best to stay somewhere close to the ferry port so you dont have to carry your luggage to far to your hotel. 

Whilst there are some taxi/shuttle services on La Digue they are limited as the main form of transportation on the island is bicycle.

We stayed at Coral Apartments which was less than a 10 minute walk from the ferry port.

The rooms are huge and breakfast is included.

Getting around La Digue

As I mentioned earlier the main mode of transportation in La Digue is bicycle and this is the best way to explore the island.

You can rent a bicycle from just £10 ($13) a day. Most hotels will offer bike rentals, but in the event that they don’t there are a handful of bike rental stands close to the ferry port.

What to do in La Digue

Day 5
Spend the day at Anse Source D’Argent

Once you have arrived on La Digue and checked into your hotel its time for the first beach stop on the island. 

Anse Source D’Argent is often hailed as one of the most beautiful (and most photographed) beaches in the world.

After seeing it for myself I can agree that it’s one of the most incredible and unique beaches I’ve ever seen! (I know I’ve said this about a lot of the beaches in this most but the beaches in the Seychelles just keep on giving). 

There are 3 different sections to the beach, each separated out by rock formations. In each section of the beach you will find some beach bars where you can get fresh coconuts and some strong rum cocktails! 

Anse Source D’Argent is located in the L’Union estate and you will have to pay an entry fee to the estate to visit the beach. This costs 300 SRe which is approximately £18 ($23).

There are also other attractions to see in L’union such as the vanilla plantation and a coprah factory.

If you have to pick just one thing to do on La Digue on this Seychelles 7-Day Itinerary then make sure it’s Anse Source D’Argent.

Day 6
Hike to Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos was recommended to us by a local. I’ve learnt over the years that when a local recommends something to you, you do it!

Safe to say Anse Cocos didnt disappoint. 

To begin the hike you will need to cycle to Grand Anse, park up your bike and then hike the 30-minute trail to Anse Cocos. 

There is one small beach bar on Anse Cocos which serves up delicious cocktails and an incredible fish BBQ at lunch time.

Please note that most of Anse Cocos is not safe for swimming due to strong currents, however, there is a small rock pool at the end of the left-hand side of the beach which you are able to swim in.

Read my full Anse Cocos hiking guide here

Day 7
Chill out on Anse Severe

Providing you don’t have to catch an early ferry back to Mahé your last day on La Digue will be (yep, you guessed it) another beach day.

This time you can head to Anse Severe beach which is located not too far from the ferry port.

Make sure to visit Bikini Bottom Bar for some delicious frozen cocktails and/or smoothies.

And, if you’re able to, try and stick around until sunset.

Anse Severe is also one of the best places on La Digue to watch the sun go down.

Getting back to Mahé for your flight home

To get back to Mahé from La Digue you will need to catch a ferry with Cat Cocos.

There are 3 ferries running per day and the journey time is roughly 1hr 45 mins. The journey costs approximately £63 ($80).

Again, please ensure you book you journey at least 48 hours ahead of time to secure a booking.

Please note the ferry back to Mahé stops in Praslin for a short time, and you may be required to get off a Praslin to swap ferries.

The Cat Cocos staff are responsible for transferring your bags between ferries.

Know before you go 

If you are travelling to the Seychelles you must fill out an entry authorisation form ahead of time.

If you do not do this in time you could be denied boarding on your flight, or be fined on arrival into the Seychelles.



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Happy Exploring

I truly hope you have a wonderful 7 days in the Seychelles and that this Seychelles 7-Day Itinerary was useful in helping you plan your trip!

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